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Computational scientist/data manager in earth system modelling and climate services

Computational scientist/data manager in earth system modelling and climate services

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NORCE Norwegian Research Centre

NORCE is a new and forward-looking research institute, with expertise in a wide range of fields and strong communities of knowledge. We deliver research and innovation in energy, health care, climate, the environment, society and technology. Our solutions address key challenges for society and contribute to value creation on the local, national and global levels.

NORCE Climate division is a member of the Bjerknes Centre for Climate Research (BCCR). BCCR is a research institute formed through a consortium of four academic and non-profit research organizations. NORCE is one of the four main partners in BCCR and has the largest profile in terms of funding, personnel and publications.

In addition to engaging in basic research in the areas of global climate, climate dynamics, paleoclimate, biogeochemistry, oceanography, we are expanding our activities in the areas of regional climate modeling and climate information services. We have an energetic core of young researchers with a wide range of interests and we seek creative colleagues to complement our strengths and support our growth in exciting new directions.


Bergen, Norway


Full time



Preferred education

Application deadline
15 September 2019

28 August 2019

Job description

There is a vacancy for a permanent full-time computational scientist/data manager at NORCE Norwegian Research Centre in earth system modelling, regional downscaling and climate services. The position will actively contribute to the project Infrastructure for Norwegian Earth System modelling (INES), the WCRP-sponsored Coordinated Regional Downscaling EXperiments (CORDEX) and bespoke climate services development.

Global earth system models and regional climate models for dynamic downscaling are producing large amounts of data. The community are already facing challenges associated with data transfer, post-processing and analysis that impacts the efficiency of the scientific workflow. With expected future increase in model resolution and complexity, these challenges will amplify. Central to this position is storage resource management, model output capability and handling, model output conversion, data sharing via the Earth System Grid Federation framework, long-term archiving, monitoring of data life cycle and data discovery. There is also wide latitude within this position to pursue solutions to the challenges listed above in ways that are aligned with the candidate’s interests, competencies and career goals. NORCE also has a desire to more fully comply with the FAIR principles for scientific data management and stewardship and we wish that this position will contribute to achieve this.

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