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PhD student in geodesy

Job Summary
Job Summary
Sector Academic
Categories Earth and Space Science Informatics
Interdisciplinary / Other
Type Full Time
Level Student / Graduate / Internship
Employer Tallinn University of Technology
Location Tallinn, Estonia
Salary Open
Required Education Master
Application Deadline 02 July 2017
Posted 19 April 2017
Employer Information

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Job Description

PhD topic
Improving geodetic infrastructure over marine areas using a synergy of in-situ and satellite altimetry data

This topic includes three interconnected parts:
1. Aspects of modifications of Stokes’/Hotine’s formulas for regional geoid modelling, specifics of gridding of the tracks of ship- and air-borne gravity data, validation of the gravity gridding and geoid modelling results
2. Modelling of sea level heights using a combination of methodologies that include using satellite data, tide and wave gauges, regional hydrodynamic models. Data assimilation, development of a retracking method for satellite altimetry data
3. Inter-comparison of the two reference models for detecting any anomalies that may occur. Identifying reasons for the detected discrepancies and analysis.

Requirements for the PhD candidate
The successful applicant must hold an MSc degree in geodesy or geomatics. Consideration will be given to applicants whose previous degrees are not in geodesy/geomatics but in appropriate related disciplines, such as Earth Sciences, Mathematics, Physics or related. Programming experience will be a clear asset.

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