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Division on Geomorphology (GM)

President: Peter van der Beek,
Deputy President: Jens Turowski,

Geomorphology is the scientific study of land-surface features and the dynamic processes that shape them. Besides focusing on the diverse physical landscapes of the Earth, geomorphologists also study surfaces of other planets. Understanding landform history and dynamics, and predicting future changes through a combination of field observations, physical experiments, and numerical modelling is at the heart of geomorphology. The division brings together research on processes that build topography trough e.g. the effects of tectonic forces as well as processes that modify the terrain such as weathering, erosion through running water, waves, glacial ice, wind and gravitational forces. Division members also study the impact of humans on geomorphological processes and investigate how geomorphological knowledge can be applied to solve problems of relevance to societies.

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EGU Geomorphology division 2018 awardees

The 2018 Ralph Alger Bagnold medal will be awarded to Todd Ehlers for most original and fundamental contributions to our understanding of the coupling between climate, tectonics and erosion, and for outstanding community leadership in geomorphology (see full citation here (278.7 KB) ).

The 2018 GM Outstanding Early Career Scientists Award will be awarded to Liran Goren for her application of physical principles implemented with solid mathematical rigour into models of wide application in the Earth-surface sciences (see full citation here (36.3 KB) ).

Dan Parsons elected new GM Division president

Dan Parson's self-nomination for division president can be found here (116.4 KB) . See also his candidate interview on the the GM blog.

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