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Gerassimos Manoussakis

Gerassimos Manoussakis
Gerassimos Manoussakis

G Geodesy

The 2009 Young Scientist Outstanding Poster Paper (YSOPP) Award is awarded to Gerassimos Manoussakis for the poster/PICO entitled:

Determination of the gradient of curvature of the plumblines of the normal gravity field and the local study of its isocurvature lines (Manoussakis, G.; Delikaraoglou, D.)

Click here to download the poster/PICO file.

Dr. Gerassimos Manoussakis obtained his Ph.D. on July of 2005 from the Department of Surveying Engineering, National Technical University of Athens. His research area is Theoretical Geodesy and his poster deals with new geometrical objects i.e. the isocurvature lines and isocurvature surfaces. Along these lines / surfaces the curvature of the plumblines of the gravity field is constant. The application is done for the normal gravity field of the Earth and shows besides the interesting general geometric properties of the isocurvature lines and surfaces it is possible to define and study additional geometrical objects related to invariant quantities such as the plumbline curvature. These new geometrical objects may reveal new properties of the normal gravity field and thus contribute to a better understanding of the Earth’s gravity field.