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Awards & Medals

The EGU Awards & Medals programme recognises every year eminent scientists for their outstanding research contribution in the Earth, planetary and space sciences, and identifies the awardees as role models for the next generation of early career scientists to foster geosciences research.

Winners of EGU Medals or Awards can be nominated as EGU Ambassadors. In this role, they are delegated to attend meetings hosted by other organisations, and to offer special presentations and lectures labelled as EGU contributions.

The EGU Awards & Medals includes:

  • At Union level:
    1. The Union Medals for senior scientists including the most prestigious awards made by the Union that are associated with an EGU Honorary Membership
    2. The Union Awards including the Arne Richter Awards for Outstanding Early Career Scientists
  • At Division level:
    1. The Division Outstanding Early Career Scientists Awards
    2. The Division medals for mid-career scientists
  • In relation with its General Assemblies, the Union presents a number of special awards, such as the Outstanding Student Poster and PICO (OSPP) Awards to further improve the overall quality of poster and PICO presentations and most importantly, to foster the excitement of younger colleagues in presenting their work in form of a poster and/or PICO.